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These are the Qualities of a Reploid.

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This be the Journal of Vile Deadboss. That person you may have seen here and there and no idea what they do besides scribble some stuff called Fanart and write lotsa junk but not that latest stuff you are familiar with like Hetalia, or Deathnote, or whatever the young'uns are into nowadays. No, I still be the fan of InuYasha, YuYuHakusho, MegaManX and so on, so forth.
Biggest craze I'm into so far is Halo. From the first game to the latest one. I am one of those nuts that is willing to camp infront of a Futureshop, waiting for it to open and let me in and buy the game that I recycled so many bottles, cans, and milk cartons for to get it.

Anyway, This journal is often used for venting, over many things and yes, even people. Now and then I write how I am doing, what I am up to or what makes me happy. Like VGL. That makes me happy. I never miss that.
Anyway, I could be interesting, I might not be. Feel free to add me, and I shall add you.
Unless you do not use full words like "You" or "are" than do not expect me to add you in turn. I now use MSN. I am found on Yahoo usually. And Aim. Oh yes, and XBOX Live! Sweet~! =D

Colorbars below be the work of Hot ice Hilda and Stef~! Wish I could do stuff like that.



The Shichinintai.

Bankotsu x Jakotsu, The 1000 love.

Miroku x Sango.

While at this, might as well share where some of my works are, eh?
http://www.fanfiction.net/ My more tamed stuff (and Shounen ai) Would be found there. MMX/RMX IY and Halo.
http://adultfanfiction.net/ Where my other evil works go too. >3 kukuku..
http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/ This place carries most of my work. Yaoi work of course, but I have like a doujinshi/Comic thing (X/Vile, Colonel/Zero) going on there. sugandya was nice enough to show me where I can put my work up in. Be sure to visit her stuff too. Gorgeous and yummyness.~
http://www.mediaminer.org/ This place carries limited stuff of my work, I really need to update there. But both my Fanfic and Fanart works are there.
http://vile-deadboss.deviantart.com/ Yes, Folks. I now have a DA Prof. specops_elite was kind enough to assist on helping me make an account since when I last joined DA. I recall it had many questions that just darn confused me. They changed for the easier which is nifty for me. But anyways, feel free to drop a line there!
So if you happen to come across any of my stuff. Enjoy~!
BTW! I am now a member of RedvsBlue! Yay~! If you join, Keep an eye out for Vile.D, kay? <3