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Posted on 2012.03.29 at 05:20
Current Mood: guiltyguilty
Current Music: Deliruim - Nuages du monde

MoronCollapse )



Posted on 2011.09.21 at 07:04
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: Bronze/Zetsuai
Depressed, in a rut, emotional.

All that crazy junk and I want OUT of it. I want to be happy damnit.
Fuck you, Change it up, Fuck you.

Rather the participants and the instructers within it. Fuck you. Fuck you. And Fuck you.

Been wanting that off my chest for awhile now. Back to drawing/coloring.

And on a sidenote: I'm in love with someone that I just shoved away from me. So Fuck me for that. He was being a jerk, but you can't Tell him that. and I couldn't stand it anymore. So really, fuck me for having no patience.



Posted on 2011.04.13 at 03:07
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Delerium (Aria) - Firefly
That mess I mentioned in last entry? is still going on. Big mess. With mafias threatening to shoot up our homes. Cousins being asses. And people taking hostage of buildings because their still living in the past. And refuse to welcome business to our area.

People love being poor it seems.

In other news, I'm spending time with an Ex and I have no idea what to do about it because I have feelings for him again and I don't like it. because I have feelings for him but always feel so damn guilty too that I want to shoot myself everytime we hang out.

I know what I should do, but should I do that? I am so messed up. -head tilts.- What's nice about it though is if we get together, it's not because he's Making me be with him. It's because he left the choice open for me. And I Want to be with him.

I haven't felt this way since in a long time. It's really really nice.

I should be shot for it. -sulks.-


I know I shouldn't be surprised...

Posted on 2011.01.26 at 09:59
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Sun and the Rainfall
But bots on LJ? I mean I seen them, but never expected them to bother My lj.

And oh yeah, first of 2011. Yaaay! and year started with a big boom, with sister on TV in papers almost everyday now. It's realy crazy, but I like it.
Looking forward to when it turns real damn good from here. <3

anyway... have comics to draw/color. -takes off to do that.-


Lady Gaga

Posted on 2010.08.27 at 16:06
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: LadyGaga - Bad Romance
I know many that dislike her.
I know many that think she is a freak.
I know many that claim she's a guy.
And her insane costumes? The things people say~! =O

But goddamn that concert was the Best I have ever been too, and I am sorry to say, but better then U2. And it wasn't just the performance, It was her words.
I've Never cried at a concert before, even out of happiness like that. Lady Gaga? You. Are. The. Best~!

I had a craptacular ticket, worst seat where I was to damn tall to sit. It bothered the person infront of me, the people beside me, and when I stood up (planned to stand for the entire concert.) but it bothered the people behind me.

Fat and tall, so I walked out of that seat to ask the security if I could sit somewhere else? told them my propblem, so they told me to go the customer service to see if I could change the ticket. Eh, what did I have to lose? So I went to the trailor and told the girl there my problem. She told me to wait a moment cause she was going to call "her" on the radio. So I'm like.. her? Okay. we both waited a good ten minutes, I even said I didn't care if I was in the seats behind the stage, where I missed the concert and heard the music? I just wanted to sit down at that point. Soon enough, "She" came. and turned out it was the manager of the place. She asked what my problem was, I told her my problem or rather, I'd be more of a problem to those around me. Fat, tall.

So she snapped another ticket from her folder and said. "Give me that ticket." so I gave her the one I had. And the one she handed to me and said. "Go to the players club, between 119 and 120, that will take you to the goalie box. There are benches there. Plenty of leg room."

Okay.. so I went between 119 and 120. asked the security for help there but she told me to crawl in the goalie boxes. and I was like...seriously? but the security there was keeping people from doing that. so I decided to go through 119, the security there was more help. Told me where to go to get to the players club. I went downstairs and was like.. Wow! Never been down here before. So this is where they get the beer! why is it neater looking down here then upstairs? So I walked to the right as told and met another security there. He told me "Oh! straight down this hall and down the right." So I went down the hall, seen the goalie boxes left and right. But the security there saw me, opened the door for me to go to the right box. And said. "end seat is yours." So once I went to the end, plenty of leg room, can stand and not get in anyone's way. And it dawned on me.

Box seat. I was closer to the stage, so close I could see Lady Gaga's tattoos. And wished I had a camera on me cause I could've took some damn good shots of her! but no cameras were allowed but still. Damn good seat, damn good concert. I was to excited to sit so I was standing throughout the concert anyway. XD
And the lady/Manager came by to see if I was doing good, I was so happy that I was ready to cry and told her "Thank you! Thank you so Much!" and she smiled and said "As long as your good." and went.

So Again. best concert Ever for me. <3

I am still in total Bliss and get teary eyed everytime I think of it. <3

MaidVile 02


Posted on 2010.05.27 at 01:48
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: bLiNd - FFIV Golbez n' Goblins OC ReMix
Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday to me~! and Guess who has a tablet now~! >D
-evil cackle.- now to learn how to use it. <3

HairPin Alone

I'm glad he liked the necklace.

Posted on 2010.04.24 at 16:08
Current Mood: sadSad and Exhausted.
Three times in one year.Collapse )

HairPin Alone

I will miss you my Sapphire Crystal Cup.

Posted on 2010.04.19 at 06:47
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable

Sick three times, and then in pain several times. I THINK MY BODY LIKES THE PUNSHIMENT.

On the upside. I actually made a sale on Mona vie for a change but it's really hard to keep up with since it's a rich peoples business and not for poor people to start on. (Like me. What the hell was I thinking?)

I got to see Alice in Wonderland (3D) finally.

I finally have Medievil for the PSP. (SO happy. <3)

and Now for the venting.
Which stays behind this cut as usual. =DCollapse )

Another upside. I tried some teriyaki eel on saturday. Tasted like salmon to me. I was super happy to actually try it, but I wouldn't order it and eat it all. XD

HairPin Alone

And it always gets better.

Posted on 2010.03.27 at 05:55
Current Music: TSO NightCastle - Father, Son, & Holy Ghost
Hellboy would so fucking hate me right now.Collapse )

HairPin Alone


Posted on 2010.03.23 at 04:10
Current Mood: sad....
Current Music: FF10 Via OverClockRemix
March 22/10.

You suffered so much, more then anyone else can imagine. You were strong until the very end.

Rest in peace little one. Be happy, be truly happy. The pain is done, Junior.

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